Does it cost to join?

No it's completely free to join, no hidden charges or transactions fees.

Do I need a product in order to start a channel?

No you can access any product on Amazon through our commerce studio while building your episodes and make money if you bring traffic that result in a sale.

What If I have a product to sell?

Then you'll need to list it on your own Amazon store and when building your episodes you will search for your product on Amazon and attach it to your show. Driving traffic back to your own product.

How do I make money?

You make money when your video drives traffic towards a product on Amazon. When it results in a sale Amazon pays us and we pay you through your PayPal act I connect to your profile.

What kind of products can I sell?

If it can be sold on Amazon it can be sold on ShopMeet.TV

What kind of videos can I use?

If they can be hosted on YouTube they can be on ShopMeet.TV

Do I need a Google account?

No but we recommend it because once you're in the commerce studio which is our edit suite, if you sign in with your Google account and you have a YouTube channel all of your videos will automatically be available for you when you're ready to create your shows.

Do I need a YouTube Channel?

It will be necessary for you to access your videos, all of your videos are hosted on YouTube and you pull them through our commerce studio to sweeten them with product offerings. It doesn't change how they appear on YouTube but when viewed through the ShopMeet.TV platform they will feature your products.

What kind of videos should I post?

That's completely up to you and your wild imagination. If you want to create a video that's a straight up pitch of whatever product you're offering m you can do that, if you want to create a popular web series where you feature product, maybe it's a talk show, or you're tipping your followers off on the latest trends and hot products. If you have a food product you could have a cooking show straight form your kitchen. Its really up to you, we encourage you to think outside of the box and reinvent home shopping!

How will people find me?

We will market ShopMeet.TV intensively to build its presence as a new network. You create the content and share through your social graph.

What is the Commerce Studio & how does it work?

ShopMeet.TV's Commerce Studio is the producer's tool for creating a home shopping show. Producers can create a show with one or more episodes. An episode consists of a YouTube hosted video that has been "mastered" (linked to Amazon products) by the producer in the Commerce Studio. With the click of button in the Commerce Studio, the producer adds product placement to a YouTube video that viewers can act on immediately.

Three primary benefits of the Commerce Studio for ShopMeet.TV producers are:

  • The ability to add sales options to videos hosted on YouTube.
  • Provide descriptions and other metadata to the show, and publish episodes as they are produced.
  • Revenue generation: Increase 10X on views.

In the Commerce Studio, the producer can search for products relevant to the episode, upload supporting marketing material and edit the meta-data of the episode, so that the products, supporting graphics and other marketing materials are displayed in real time and synched with moments in the video presentation.

Product are available via Amazon and can be searched from within the studio, saved to a list and are made available for use in any episode.

Once shows have been created, the Commerce Studio can be used to help market the shows. The studio is connected to a variety of social networks, allowing the producer to share information about the shows across their social graph.

Producers generate revenue for themselves when viewers of the shows link to and purchase the products and offers featured in the shows.

ShopMeet.TV collects the revenue from our social commerce partners and pays the producers via PayPal. All transactions and payments are handled directly by ShopMeet.TV.